Burning Song VIII [Nicole Atkins - Maybe Tonight]

Musiquinha pra alegrar o feriado…


Esses últimos dias da semana foram corridos, que eu nem percebi o feriado. Vou deixar vocês com uma música de uma artista pouco reconhecida, Nicole Atkins, gosto muito da voz dela e do estilo das músicas. Maybe tonight é uma delas.



I foresaw you like an old ghost story
From a family tree that was handed down to me

I’ve known you like a siren song that warns
I’ve been informed you could be the death of me

But patience bounds an eternal stone
You were meant to be mine
I draw a door with the cards of gods
In a great and faded time

I know we’ll meet again
Maybe tonight
Just tell me where and when
I know it’s never sure
Maybe tonight (2x)

Sky whispers in a baritone
That the mystery always beat what i entomb

Search the the dial for what i need to know
They don’t play the songs on my radio


Domingo voltamos com duas fotos da semana…

Boa Páscoa a todos